At the elementaly school "Momoshi" Tokyo Japan 2014

At the workshop for children that making for ”cut out mirror” each pieces from my installation works ”Cut out view” as part of art class at the Momoi elementary school in Tokyo in 2014 autumn.

How making for preparation to clear aclyic boad and mirror sticker and mirror cut out freely,put on aclyic space.
This project as part of Trolle in the park art exhibition.
”Cut out mirror” After making,we took a each mirrors to park with everyone.
Above all i was glad to feeling on this time later that students stick to mirror on their faces and all around.It was so much fun!
Even if cut outed small world,there is infinity in reflected one.
I hope to feeling delightful for children that we can meeting amazing and great view by the world on the life.
And a purpose on this workshop that cut out to scenery in each countries with children over the world


杉並区桃井第四小学校の図工の授業で四年生を対象に、私のインスタレーション作品である”Cut out view”を持ち運べるサイズにして、一人一枚ずつ作ってもらいました。


トロールの森国際野外展の連動企画で、この授業で作った自分だけの”Cut out mirror"を持ってみんなで野外展示を観にゆきます。

友達の顔の前で、この”Cut out mirror”を見ると、友達の顔と自分の顔のパーツが組み合わさるという面白い遊びもできるので、紹介させていただきました。